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Meet Maddi Cheers


Maddi Cheers brings together the beauty of storytelling, the wisdom of spiritual traditions, and the power of art to touch people’s lives.


Her book, "The Mandala Meditations," invites readers on a personal journey, using poetry and images that calm the mind and speak to the heart.

Her mandalas are more than just pictures; they help quiet the busy mind and her poems offer comfort, like wise friends whispering advice. Maddi understands the importance of life's big moments and offers ceremonies that celebrate these special times, helping people feel a sense of togetherness and joy.


As someone who supports others through the end-of-life process, Maddi offers kindness and helps celebrate life, even in sad times. This shows her deep care for people's feelings and the connections we all share.


She also runs Women's Circles and Talking Circles, which are all about listening and sharing in a group, something that brings people closer and makes everyone feel like they belong.

Maddi Cheers

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