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Interfaith Minister, Spiritual Guide & Author

“I believe we must take the journey into the depths of our Soul if we want to achieve inner and outer peace. We must seek the light in the darkness in a sincere and joyful way.”


Meet Maddi Cheers

Maddi Cheers is not just an interfaith minister and spiritual guide; she is a vessel for divine wisdom, a storyteller weaving the sacred thread of poetry and art through the tapestry of life's intricate moments. As an author and artist healer, her creative spirit has been nurtured by over 25 years of rich exploration into the vast landscape of the world's spiritual traditions, with a profound resonance with the indigenous practices from the Americas.
Her artistry in "The Mandala Meditations" encapsulates this harmonious blend of global wisdom and her own intuitive rituals, manifesting in poetic verses and mandalas that offer guidance and reflection for the soul's journey.

The Mandala Meditations

Where poetry and mandalas merge to Guide, Heal, and Inspire.

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Home Improvement for the Soul

Essential Soul Work - Embark on a journey to enrich and transform your inner self. In each episode of this podcast, we delve into practical and powerful tools designed to nurture and strengthen your spiritual essence. Our explorations conclude with an Oracle Poem, a unique, divinely inspired piece received by Maddi Cheers.


These sessions are dedicated to guiding you in constructing the spiritual haven you've always envisioned for your soul

Maddi Cheers doing a Podcast

Discover your divine power and purpose and unlock your spiritual potential with Maddi Cheers

“Maddi’s book was a breath of fresh air… Maddi’s poems and mandalas reveal 
a level of creativity that is aspired by many writers who are looking for a muse 
but only a lucky few find it… In the poems, you will find the flow of universal 
creativity and its expression through Maddi.”

Dr. Ashok Kumar Malhotra

Author of Wisdom of the Tao Te Ching

Praise & Reviews

"Maddi’s poems and mandalas are an invitation into a ceremony of deep 
listening where wisdom speaks in living color and words travel through time 
to inspire our hearts to unite in love."

Marianne Franzese Chasen, MA, LCAT 

Author of Sacred Weave of Mothering

"Maddi Cheers’ poetry is effortless and uncomplicated, bringing the listener to 
a peaceful place of sublime discernment both within and beyond one’s self. Her 
mandala poetry is a meditative experience not to be missed!”

Lilly Cataldi-Simmers

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